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restaurante-oriza tapas en Sevilla

"Our restaurant is cozy with a great atmosphere, serving market-fresh Andalusian cuisine and incredible wines"

Cuttlefish meatballs Grilled octopus with “Pimentón de la Vera” parmentier
Fried sea anemone from Chipiona
Grilled Txogitxu sirloin steak
Gadira blue-fin tuna belly
Shrimp carpaccio with pistachios garnished with a kimchi and tobiko mayonnaise
Arturo Sánchez Reserve Iberian Acorn Ham

papirusa Tapas en Sevilla

12:00-00:00h. Open all day from Monday to Sunday: 12,00 - 00,00 h.  
C/ Antonia Diaz, 9. 41001 Sevilla  
954 225 385  

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