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tradevo tapas en Sevilla

"TRADEVO is TRADition + EVOlution. It is simple, emotional, sincere and elegant cuisine, made with all the time and care it needs: slowly, respecting the cooking times of each ingredient and giving all the value and prominence to the product"

Marinated sardine
Tenderized seasonal red tuna served on a yellow tomato “salmorejo” with iced cucumber and lime
Avocado and prawn meat cannelloni with lemmon mayonnaise
Lemon marinated fried anchovies
Stuffed squid in its ink
Glazed lamb sweetbreads with rye breadcrumbs and green apple puree
Rice cooked like paella on the stove, and then finished on the grill with free range chicken and seasonal vegetables

tradevo Tapas en Sevilla

13,00 - 16,30 h. | 20,15 - 23,30 h.  
Cuesta del Rosario, 15  
854 807 424  

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